Please note: Teaching Resources may contain spoilers!  Only download and use once you’ve read the book!

SKIN TAKER Teaching Resources contains pages of helpful, relevant and ready-made professional material for teachers to use without further preparation, including writing style and structure, themes and stepping-off points for further work (Stone Age, clothing, food, territory, natural disasters, beliefs, community and leadership).

The Viper’s Daughter Activity Pack is a 23-page activity pack for children on and around the themes in Viper’s Daughter, created by a professional educator. Includes quizzes, puzzles, jumping-off points for artwork and 3-dimensional creative design, nature notes, and more.

Viper’s Daughter Readers’ Notes. Designed for direct use by readers, this 27-page comprehensive guide will provoke further activities across a wide range of topics, including writing style, use of language, characters and drama, nature, loyalty and friendship, and much more.

Wolf Brother’s Wildwoods” – A teaching resource produced by Forestry Commission Scotland to support teachers who are reading Wolf Brother with their classes. Particulaely, suitable for outdoor learning, this resource gives suggestions as to how pupils of today can develop their understanding of woodland, and aims to make today’s children feel more at home in a woodland environment.

WOLFBANE Teacher Resources features a wealth of sections ranging from writing style to the Mesolithic setting and environment, and creates a huge number of activity and discussion nodes about food, shelter, tools and tool making, respect for the natural world, kinship and clans, friendship and relationships… and much more. Plus resources for further reading and research. Everything you need to fire young imaginations!