A Book that takes place before the events of Wolf Brother?

Ethan writes…

Hello Michelle,
When I was reading Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness, one thing always stuck to me – I always wondered what more we didn't get to know about Fa. I believe that he has a great story left to tell, and the fact that he only ever appears in the first few pages of Wolf Brother makes me curious as to whether you could develop another book in the series – this time, not following Torak's or Renn's story, but through the perspective of Fa, and Torak's mother, which is another character I would love to know more about. Perhaps the book might end at the night of when the demon bear attacks, or his last yells echoing through the forest, telling Torak to run. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Thank you, for all the wonderful adventures you've shared on Torak and his friends. They've really inspired me to create some stories of my own!

Best Wishes,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Ethan,  thanks for your message, and you’re not the only reader who has asked me about prequels.  You’re right in that there is an entire backstory to be told, but I’m afraid that it’s never appealed to me to write it.  I prefer to keep it mentioned in hints and glancing references, and I’ve always thought that it would destroy the mystery – particularly as regards Fin-Kedinn – if I were to write that story in full.  Also, the thing I find off-putting about prequels is that we already know how they end; and in Fa’s case, it doesn’t end well!  However, I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed the books so much, and I’d like to wish you the best of all possible luck with your own writing.  With best wishes, Michelle