A simple letter

Michela writes…

Dear Michelle,
I wanted to write a love letter to you and your work since a very long time, but I always felt like I didn’t have enough words to describe how much I’m grateful for all you’ve done.
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness have made my life and part of who I am now. I’m almost 29 but I love those books like that first day, when I was only 10 – a little girl in a library fascinated by a wolf who could be a brother.
And Wolf has been my brother since then, alongside Torak and Renn and all the amazing characters that live inside me every day.
I’ve reread their adventures a lot, so much that I’ve lost the count, and yet every time it feels like the first time, and the emotions flow like a river as I run, and hunt, and howl, and cry, and laugh with them.
Now that their journey is over, I’m sad and nostalgic – but I know it’s not really over, ‘cause I’ll keep them forever in my heart.
Following your live streaming on YouTube has proven me that you are not only an amazing writer (my favorite!), but also a wonderful person, one to look up for to be the best version of ourselves.
I hope this letter finds you well.
With all my love,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Michela,

Thank you for so much for your wonderful, heartfelt message.  I’m absolutely delighted that the stories have meant so much to you.  And you put it so well when you say that they’re not really over, because they will be with you always.  That’s how I feel too about some of my favourite books.

As for my live stream programmes, you say some very nice things about me; although in the interests of accuracy I should tell you that I also have my less wonderful side.  For one thing, I can be rather sharp and critical, just like Renn!  But I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the live streams.

Again, thanks so much for getting in touch. I received your message on an extremely dark and gloomy day when it didn’t stop raining – and reading what you said brightened it considerably!

With very best wishes,  Michelle