Alessia writes…

Hello Michelle,

I would really like to ask you a question that I am trying to answer myself over these last few weeks and…I wonder if you ever had to choose between two dreams? I want to be an author and an actress. But sometime I feel I am drifting to the acting ‘side’, and sometimes more to the writing ‘side’. I don’t know how to decide or if I can make it as both? I mean can you even be both? Thank you for your time.

Alessia Wilimowski

Michelle Replies…

Dear Alessia,

My goodness, that’s quite a question!  And it’s not one I’ve ever had to address, as I’ve never been faced with it, because I only ever really wanted to write.  I don’t think I’m in a position to give you advice, as the answer is, in all likelihood,  something which will probably only gradually become clear to you.  All I would suggest is that perhaps try not to think of it as an “either/or” question.  In other words, trying your hand at writing doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on acting, or the other way around.  It’s all about creativity, and the one feeds the other.  So perhaps give yourself permission to investigate and play around with both.

The best of luck with exploring this.

Regards, Michelle