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Thank you so much for giving us wonderful stories!

wolf brother

Will there be more books in the series

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name for my little cub

Wolf Brother

who dies in oath breaker?

emilia writes...

who dies in oath breaker? I know its a spoiler but I am itching to know by the way i love your books my favorite characters are wolf and torak

Michelle Replies...

Dear Emilia, I'm really glad that you like my stories, but I'm afraid I make it a rule never to answer questions that are spoilers!

But thank you for reminding me about the importance of avoiding spoilers. And for anyone reading this and thinking about asking a question, please DON'T include a spoiler in your question, because then I won't be able to answer it.

Thanks for getting in touch, Emilia, and I'm afraid you're just going to have to read OATH BREAKER to find out whether anyone dies - and if so, who!

With best wishes, Michelle


Aria writes...

Dear Michelle Paver

I am a big fan of your books.

I am 9 years old and I have written a letter to you for my homework. Please may you let me know where I can send my letter.

Thanks very much I will look forward to hearing from you.


Aria ????????????????❣️????

Michelle Replies...

Dear Aria, I am so glad that you like my books.  The best place to send me a letter is to my publishers, at: Head of Zeus, Publicity Department, 1st Floor East, 5-8 Hardwick Street, London EC1R 4RG.  They will send it on to me - although I warn you, it sometimes takes a few weeks!

I hope you continue to enjoy my stories, and thanks for getting in touch.

With best wishes, Michelle

Wolf brother box

Tracy writes...

My Daughter is a huge fan and loves all the wolf brother books. I want to make her a wolf brother box/bag with things in for Christmas. I've thought of a wolf plush/slingshot/ wolf necklace/army knife.
I wondered if you knew what else I could include. or I wondered if you had any merchandise.
My daughter is dyslexic and your books have really inspired her, her favourite subject in school is now creative writing which is amazing.
Thanks so much
Tracy Roberts

Michelle Replies...

Dear Tracy, It's great to know that your daughter is a fan of the books, and I'm particularly pleased that she is now enjoying writing her own stories.  What a lovely idea, to make her a wolf brother bag/box for Christmas!

Hmm, I've had a think, and I wonder if, in addition to the practical hunting-type stuff you've come up with, you might consider adding something along the lines of an amulet?  In the stories, many of the characters carry small objects as good luck charmsand/or to ward off evil.  This could be anything from a small carved animal such as a seal or wolf, to be worn on a thong around the neck; or a tuft of feathers or fur; a claw (eg of bear, eagle, or whatever one can come up with!); a sea-shell, an interesting bone.  You get the idea.

Also, still on the theme of amulets, you could give her a little pouch (leather/other), small enough to wear around her neck or at her belt, or carry in her schoolbag - which could be her amulet pouch.  In this she could put small items that mean something to her - eg a few hairs from her pet's fur (if she has one), a speck of dust from a favourite place, a leaf from her favourite tree, etc.

I hope that helps a bit - and I've no doubt she'll love whatever you give her!

With very best wishes, Michelle

P.S. I'm afraid we don't have any merchandise.

Dark Matter the book

Dan writes...

Hi Michelle,
No question to ask, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Dark Matter - thank you for bringing Jack Miller into my life. I've been an avid fan of horror since I read my first Stephen King novel (which, if I remember, was Christine), at around 14. Since then I've read all sorts, from classics like M R James and Lovecraft through to modern writers like Adam Neville. At the ripe old age of 48, it's still a thrill to read a novel by someone who really knows how to capture the elements of horror and bring it to life, through great characters, beautiful description and a deep sense of poignancy. I could have wept for Jack! Anyway - cracking novel, looking forward to reading more of your work.
Best wishes

Michelle Replies...

Dear Dan, Thank you so much for your lovely message.  I'm delighted that you enjoyed DARK MATTER, particularly as you sound like a bit of an expert on all things ghostly and Gothic.  I might add that your email came at exactly the right time, as I've just begun a re-write of the first draft of my next Gothic/ghost story, which is set in a tropical rainforest.  As this is such a difficult genre, the re-write will be a formidable task, if an enjoyable one.  So thanks for providing some timely encouragement!

With very best wishes, Michelle

Word Count

Amanda writes...

Hi Michelle!

My Year 6 son is an avid reader and is currently enjoying your Chronicles of Ancient Darkness books. We have recently started keeping track of his word count (he's at 800k so far this school year!). Would it be possible to have the word count of all the books in the Wolf Brother series? I've looked everywhere but can't find them. Thank you so much for creating such engaging books.

All the best,

Michelle Replies...

Dear Amanda, I'm delighted that your son is enjoying the books - and thanks for asking a question I've never been asked before! As far as I know, publishers don't do a final word-count before publication, but I can give you mine, as measured after the final edit but before the proof-reading stage; so it's accurate to about the nearest 500 words or so.

The six books in the CHRONICLES OF ANCIENT DARKNESS add up to 359,000, and the three subsequent books which I wrote more recently (VIPER'S DAUGHTER, SKIN TAKER & WOLF BANE) weigh in at 160,000.  Thus the grand total for all nine books is 519,000 words.  Which almost makes me feel faint; that's an awful lot of writing!

Anyway, I really hope that your son isn't put off by that, and  that he enjoys the rest of the series.

With best wishes, Michelle

ancient chronicles books are mint

alexander writes...

Hi Michelle,

I was wondering what inspired you too write this beautiful series of novels and how you came up with the character names?
I started reading the ancient chronicles with my dad when I was quite little and loved the novels, and even now much older I still enjoy them just as much.

Michelle Replies...

Dear Alexander, what a lovely image that evokes, you and your father reading the books together; and I'm so glad that you're still enjoying them (I take it you've caught up with the three later ones, VIPER'S DAUGHTER, SKIN TAKER & WOLF BANE).

I've described how I came up with the idea for the stories in details on my website, so rather than repeat myself, I suggest you go to, then enter the Cave and click on Why I Wrote Wolf Brother.  As for the names, the short answer is I made them up.  But it was more complicated than that. I took sounds or inspiration from various old languages: for instance, Hord, Saeunn, Thiazzi and Fin-Kedinn are Norse in feel, while Eostra is based on Anglo-Saxon.  I also adapted names from Inuit - for instance, Tanugeak and Inuktiluk - and from some Native American languages: Maheegun, the leader of the Wolf Clan, means "wolf" in Cree.  I made up the names Torak and Renn - but after WOLF BROTHER came out, I was  told by an Inuit girl that Torak means "perfect" in Greenlandic; and I later learnt that Renn means reindeer in French (spelt "renne"; that must have given my French translator a headache!).

So as you can see, I've been a bit of a magpie.  I should add that it has generally taken quite a long time to come up with exactly the right name for everyone, as each name has to fit the character and clan.  And funnily enough, the hardest of all was Wolf.  I thought of all sorts of names for my wolf cub when I was embarking on WOLF BROTHER - and it was only after three days and dozens of variants  that I realised that he doesn't have a name; it wouldn't make sense to him.  He's just Wolf!

Thanks for getting in touch, and I hope you continue to enjoy the stories of Torak, Renn and Wolf.

With very best wishes, Michelle











Wolf brother

Grace-Ann writes...

My 10 year old daughter is nearly finished the whole of the wolf books, she’s only a few chapters from the end. She is such a big fan of the books, she would love to know if you’ll be writing another series of books like wolf brother.?
Ps Thankyou so much for writing such an amazing set of books….molly is such a book worm and has read them all within a few months.

Michelle Replies...

Dear Grace-Ann, thank you so much for getting in touch - and I'm absolutely delighted that Molly has enjoyed the Wolf Brother books!  My goodness, nine books in a few months, she certainly is a bookworm.

I haven't written any other books set in the Stone Age, but I have written a five-book series set in the Bronze Age Mediterranean, about 3,500 years ago.  It's called Gods and Warriors,  the first book is The Outsiders, and all five are published by Puffin.  Like the Wolf Brother books, the stories are adventures, with lots of animals (they don't feature wolves, but a dolphin, a lion cub and a falcon are important characters).  If Molly tries them, I do hope she enjoys them.  Again, thanks for getting in touch.

With very best wishes, Michelle

I am the family genealogist—sending you a text that went to my brothers today

William writes...

I am wondering if you are part of the South African branch of the family?

Yes and I found Uncle Henry the other day. He’s buried in Belleville, NY. He was Thomas William Paver’s brother from Otterton, UK our great grandfather—his generation (siblings)went all over the world. One brother in South Africa, another in Australia. I’m guessing the author Michelle Paver is a relative from South Africa.. Their Uncles were the two Paver’s killed in WW1 and I’ve tracked them down in France. Worth a trip if you ever go—the WW1 sites are pretty awesome.

ps: I read your books to our 5 children and am now on to the Grand kids

Michelle Replies...

Dear William,

Thanks for this, and I'm glad that your children - and now, I hope, your grandchildren - are enjoying my books.  You're right, I'm part of the South African Pavers.

Regards, Michelle


Connor writes...

I have a Question and I am reading the wolf brother so I was wondering ???? if there was a film so yes or a no answer as soon as possible please ????

Michelle Replies...

Dear Connor, I answered this question fully when I responded recently to a message from Anna; but the short answer is, I'm afraid there are currently no plans for a film.

Best wishes, Michelle

A simple letter

Michela writes...

Dear Michelle,
I wanted to write a love letter to you and your work since a very long time, but I always felt like I didn’t have enough words to describe how much I’m grateful for all you’ve done.
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness have made my life and part of who I am now. I’m almost 29 but I love those books like that first day, when I was only 10 – a little girl in a library fascinated by a wolf who could be a brother.
And Wolf has been my brother since then, alongside Torak and Renn and all the amazing characters that live inside me every day.
I’ve reread their adventures a lot, so much that I’ve lost the count, and yet every time it feels like the first time, and the emotions flow like a river as I run, and hunt, and howl, and cry, and laugh with them.
Now that their journey is over, I’m sad and nostalgic – but I know it’s not really over, ‘cause I’ll keep them forever in my heart.
Following your live streaming on YouTube has proven me that you are not only an amazing writer (my favorite!), but also a wonderful person, one to look up for to be the best version of ourselves.
I hope this letter finds you well.
With all my love,

Michelle Replies...

Dear Michela,

Thank you for so much for your wonderful, heartfelt message.  I'm absolutely delighted that the stories have meant so much to you.  And you put it so well when you say that they're not really over, because they will be with you always.  That's how I feel too about some of my favourite books.

As for my live stream programmes, you say some very nice things about me; although in the interests of accuracy I should tell you that I also have my less wonderful side.  For one thing, I can be rather sharp and critical, just like Renn!  But I'm glad you've enjoyed the live streams.

Again, thanks so much for getting in touch. I received your message on an extremely dark and gloomy day when it didn't stop raining - and reading what you said brightened it considerably!

With very best wishes,  Michelle