Vaughan writes…

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for writing your Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. I first read the series as a kid, and recently (being 24 doing my masters) wanted to give it a go again.
There was a lot of fear involved, I wasn’t sure the series would hold up as well as they did in my head after all these years (quite a few other authors haven’t really stood the test of time).
However truly your series is a masterpiece. I loved every second of the journey for a second time. Thank you so much for creating these books, I have not, and will never forget them.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Vaughan, I’m delighted that the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness didn’t disappoint!  I can also understand that you were apprehensive before you re-read them as an adult, and it’s great that you enjoyed them on this re-reading.  And maybe you found yourself also re-visiting how you’d felt on your first reading as a child; that can add a further layer of experience that I’ve sometimes found quite moving. However it struck you, I’m very glad.  And I hope that if you’ve come across the three sequels I wrote a few years after Ghost Hunter (Viper’s Daughter, Skin Taker and Wolfbane), you’ve enjoyed them too.  Thanks so much for getting in touch.  With best wishes, Michelle