Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

Amelia writes…

I just want to say how much your books mean to me, I just finished ‘Ghost Hunter’ about 20 seconds ago and started crying thinking it was the last one. Then I looked to check again, as I had seen something somewhere mentioning ‘Viper’s Daughter’, and well, you know. I looked into it and got excited.

Im sure you get this a lot, but your books, to put it in the cringiest way possible – moved me. As a young aspiring author I really hope I can become an author as great as you.

-Amelia 🙂

Michelle Replies…

Deaer Amelia,

Your message isn’t cringy at all, it’s absolutely lovely to receive!  I’m really glad that you managed to stem your tears on finishing Ghost Hunter by finding out about Viper’s Daughter.  And perhaps by now you’ve discovered that I have also written two more Wolf Brother books, namely Skin Taker and Wolf Bane – all three featuring Torak, Renn and Wolf.  Wolf Bane is definitely the last in the series, but I hope that you enjoy them all as and when you are able to get your paws on them.  And I’d like to wish you all possible good luck with your own writing.

With best wishes,  Michelle