Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

Sharon writes…

Hi Michelle,

I'm an English literature and writing tutor for students that are in 3rd grade through high school. One of my favorite books that I read with 4th through 6th-graders is Wolf Brother. And, I always hope that they will continue on their own to read the other eight books in this fantastic series. I am also an avid Audible user and so enjoy listening to the great Sir Ian McKellen narrate your books. However, I have some questions for you:

1. Why are two of your books in this series, Spirit Walker and Soul Eater, unavailable on Audible? That is really upsetting to me because I love listening to this series from time to time, but can never listen to these titles that aren't on Audible. Is there any way to make these titles available on Audible? If so, please do it! Also, I have the same questions for the Gods and Warriors series since only book 1 is available on Audible.

2. I know that you gave rights to some entity to produce a TV series on COAD but that never came to pass. Is there any current effort to bring your books to the small screen? Multitudes of viewers would love to see that come to pass if it could be done well.

3. I believe it is the case that Torak never encounters anyone from the Wolf Clan other than Fa. Why? Did they all die? Or are they so secretive that they stay away from all other clans and never want contact with anyone? I'm curious.

Thank you again for your wonderful books and the hours of enjoyment you have given me and my students. I'd like to share with you that my 21-year-old son and I went on a two-day backpacking trip in Tahoe National Forest and built a large fire pit on a giant rock formation and listened to Wolf Brother while enjoying the gorgeous night sky and the firelight. It was an amazing time! Also, I have listened a couple of times to Thin Air and Dark Matter, and they are fabulously creepy!! I was scared.

Take care, Sharon

Michelle Replies…

Dear Sharon, I’m delighted that you, your students and son have enjoyed my books; and listening to Wolf Brother at night in Tahoe National Forest sounds amazing!  To answer your questions: (1) I’m afraid I’ve no idea why Spirit Walker and Soul Eater aren’t available on Audible. You’re not the first person who’s asked, and I can only suggest you enquire of Audible, or of my publishers.  Sorry I can’t be of more help.  As for Gods and Warriors, the publishers decided not to record any audiobooks after Book 1, so that’s the only one available. (2) There’s no current news on bringing the books to the small (or big) screen; if this changes, it will be posted on my website.  (3) Concerning the Wolf Clan:  you’re right, they’re very elusive, but they do make a brief appearence early on in Outcast (Book 4).  Thanks so much for getting in touch.  With best wishes, Michelle