Chronicles of Ancient Darkness mini series

Zach writes…

Dear Michelle Paver, I just want to say how much I love the chronicles of Ancient Darkness book series and how much it has impacted me all the way from year 6 (2017) when my primary school teacher showed me the first book till. I just want to ask if you've ever thought about writing a mini series or a sort of prequel book series to the books so we learn more about toraks father and his up bringing and when Finn-Keddinn was fostered with the wolf clan as well as when Fa joined the healers and the great fire that disbanded the soul eaters and a series where we finally learn Fa's name. You said in a previous answer how you would not want your writing quality to drop so you stopped writing the wolf brother books so how about a prequel book series?
thank you so much yours sincerely Zach

Michelle Replies…

Dear Zach,

Many thanks for that. You’re not the only reader who has, over the years, asked me whether I’ve considered writing a prequel book or series.  However I’m afraid my answer is no.  You see, quite simply it has never appealed to me.  Perhaps this is partly because these books have always been the story of Torak, Renn and Wolf; and I can’t see myself departing from that.  Also it’s because I believe that the stories of Fa, Fin-Kedinn, and others, are best suggested rather than explored in detail.  They work as tantalising background (at least, I hope they do), but I wouldn’t want to go into them more.  I prefer to leave them to the reader’s imagination.

Finally, you’re right that in the past I have said that I wouldn’t want the quality of the stories to lessen.  This is one of the main reasons that  WOLFBANE will be the last of the WOLF BROTHER books – and it holds true for prequels too.  After all, it’s all the same world.

So it was a nice try, Zach, and it shows how much you like the series, which is great.  But I’m afraid that you and others will have to make do with the existing nine books. I hope that you’ll continue to find plenty to enjoy in them!

With very best wishes, Michelle