Complete Box set

Ali writes…

Hi Michelle,
How are you? I'm wondering if you'll be releasing a complete box set now the final book is out.
Best wishes,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Ali,

Many thanks for your query.  You’re not alone in wanting this, and it would be great if it could happen.  But I’m afraid that at the moment there are no plans for a complete boxed set of the Wolf Brother books.  The reason for this is mainly that the first six books are published by Hachette Children’s Books, whereas the final three books are published by another publisher, Head of Zeus.  So it would be a bit complicated, and as far as I know neither publisher is thinking of doing this.  It’s a great idea, though; and who knows, it may happen at some stage in the future.

Thanks for getting  in touch, and Happy New Year!  With best wishes, Michelle