Walt writes…

One last thing, or as Columbo always says one more thing .

I know why reading DARK MATTER, was hard for me on a first time reading. It hit me to close to home.
My wife and I and two daughters built a small log cabin, within twenty-five miles of the Canadian border in Washington State, thirty-five miles from the nearest town.
First one daughter left to attend a University, then my second daughter left to attend the same University. Then my Wife secured a large hospital position as a RN, to help pay for the University.
I stayed at the cabin to finish the roof and had to endure several Winters in isolation and freezing cold with frost on the inside of the walls.
My companions, two dogs.
Wolfie, a blond blue eyed ,Siberian Husky, who saved me from a bear at basecamp, what I called the place.
His companion Lady, a mixed hound/doberman , who we quickly named LadyBug, because she bugged us so much.
My experiences on my land were much like DARK MATTER.
A pack of wild coyotes howling outside chasing down prey, the Bear raising up on his hind legs, who suddenly came upon me and Wolfie, who was ready to fight saved me.
Then there is the famous Bigfoot stories abounding in the American Pacific Northwest .
One last thing on my Siberian Husky, Wolfie. If he got loose and he did, he naturally ran away. The secret was to follow him slowly for a bit, then turn around and go in the opposite direction. He would dart past me and race up ahead . You the turn again and steer him in this way back to basecamp, and let him see you enter a vehicle. With the knowledge of trip to town time and good food, you leave the vehicle door open and he would voluntarily jump inside. It was impossible to catch him any other way.
Know I live with my Wife in civilization once again. Also both daughters graduated from University and are now happily married. So ends the tale.

Michelle Replies…