Gods and Warriors audio books?

Felicity writes…

Hi Michelle,

I've LOVED listening to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series with my daughter on audible. We were rather at a loss when we didn't have Torak and Renn in our lives!

We discovered the first book in the Gods and Warriors series, which again we have really enjoyed listening to. Will an of the other books be published on Audible as an audio book?

Best wishes,


Michelle Replies…

Deare Felicity, I’m so glad that you enjoyed listening to Ian McKellen’s superb recordings of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.  I’m afraid, though, that after recording the first in the Gods and Warriors series, Puffin decided not to record any more audiobooks in the series.  That decision is of course up to them, although I do think it’s a pity; but there we are.  Still, returning to all things Wolf Brother, it’s terrific that Ian was kind enough to record the three sequels to the original six books in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness – so that we have his marvellous performances of all nine books.   With best wishes, Michelle