Hello again!

Anne Sofie writes…

Thank you so much for answering my question on the last stream!
That particular evening I was feeling ill and quite depressed, and you have no idea how much it cheered me up to see my message pop up on the screen. Thank you 🙂

Right after the stream I of course had to sit down and sketch and I posted the resulting picture in The Museum.
Hope you like it, it was fun to work on!

Hope you and your family have been doing well over the summer, especially with the horrible heatwaves which have plagued Europe this year.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Anne Sofie,

Just a quick one to say that I’m very glad my mention of your question on the last live stream cheered you up – and thank you, too, for your gorgeous addition to The Museum!

I hope you can also stay cool, wherever you are. Here in London we’re just about to undergo another heat wave.  I am looking forward to autumn.

Best wishes, Michelle