Horror books

Sidonie writes…

Hey Ms Paver, I hope this finds you well
I came across Wakenhyrst by chance a few years ago and I fel9 in love with your style of horror writing. After finishing that, I devoured Thin Air (I member thought I'd legitimately be afraid of a backpack!) and Dark Matter – the latter which I just finished re-reading.
I was wondering, will you write any more horror? I can't seem to get enough!
From a huge fan in Australia, Sid 😊

Michelle Replies…

Hello, Sid, and thanks for your lovely message!  I’m so glad that the backpack in Thin Air did its job.  As it happens, I’ve just finished another ghost story, this time set in the rainforest.  I don’t yet know when it’ll be published (editing, choosing covers etc all take many months) – but I think it’s some of my best work, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  As soon as I know more, it will be posted on my website.

Again, thanks for getting in touch.

With best wishes, Michelle