I am the family genealogist—sending you a text that went to my brothers today

William writes…

I am wondering if you are part of the South African branch of the family?

Yes and I found Uncle Henry the other day. He’s buried in Belleville, NY. He was Thomas William Paver’s brother from Otterton, UK our great grandfather—his generation (siblings)went all over the world. One brother in South Africa, another in Australia. I’m guessing the author Michelle Paver is a relative from South Africa.. Their Uncles were the two Paver’s killed in WW1 and I’ve tracked them down in France. Worth a trip if you ever go—the WW1 sites are pretty awesome.

ps: I read your books to our 5 children and am now on to the Grand kids

Michelle Replies…

Dear William,

Thanks for this, and I’m glad that your children – and now, I hope, your grandchildren – are enjoying my books.  You’re right, I’m part of the South African Pavers.

Regards, Michelle