I must of cried for an hour straight

Lily aya writes…

when I entered 5th grade (now at the end of 6th) I started reading your
book series; the ancient chronicles of darkness. I almost immediately
fell in love with Torak, Renn, Dark, Wolf and all the others. I know
there's a incredibly small chance that this will do anything. ( I assume
your very busy with others books.) but, only halfway into the last book,
I realized I would have to say goodbye to Torak and Renn. I must of
cried for an hour straight. the point is, if you have free time, it
would mean the world to me if you continued the book series. but, if
that isn't something you can do, thank you for the overpowering
happiness you brought me. You ended wolfbane fantasticly so its probably
not writers block but if you did continue the book series, the next plot
could be that Renn gets pregnant, just an idea. thank you for writing
the book series, and if you dont write another book, thats completly ok.
i wish i had the words to explain who grateful I am for it. ( sorry for
my bad grammer)

Michelle Replies…

Dear Lilya,

Many thanks for your lovely message, and for your question.  You are not alone in wanting me to write another Wolf Brother book!  However I’m afraid that as you’ve probably guessed, the answer is no, I have no plans to write any more books in the series.  I give my reasons in full in a reply to a message from another reader, Josiah, back in early February; you might like to take a look at what I said to him.  But briefly, I feel that I’ve dealt with the emotional aftermath of the first six books, and that I’ve given Torak, Renn and Wolf a good send-off  and started them on their adult lives. Maybe that will involve children for Torak and Renn, as you indicated – or maybe not.  It ‘s now up to readers to take the stories further in their imaginations. Another reason was that  I wanted to end the series on a high note, and I’m extremely proud of how WOLF BANE has turned out, so I think it’s best to leave it there.  You’re also right that I am currently writing another book, this time a grown-up ghost story set in a tropical rainforest.

Thanks for being so understanding  and perceptive about my not writing any more of the books you love.  And perhaps a spot of re-reading might help?

With very best wishes, Michelle