It Was Eighteen Years Ago…

As The Final Book In The The Epic Series Is Published, Now’s The Time For YOU To Tell YOUR Story!

This is a very special moment for all readers of the Wolf Brother / Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.

I can’t believe that it was nearly 18 years ago – on the 27th May 2004 – that my book “Wolf Brother” was first published.

Some of my more recent readers weren’t even alive at the time. I wonder whether you can remember what the world was like then?

Facebook and Gmail were founded that year. We were all very excited when NASA’s “Spirit” rover landed on Mars. “Friends” came to its final episode.

And now – after nine books – the Wolf Brother series is also coming to a conclusion, with “Wolfbane”’s publication on the 26th of April 2022.

Yes, of course I’m sad. As I think you will be, too.

But I want this time to be a very happy one for all readers. I want to invite you to celebrate with me the epic journey we’ve been on together.

I’m already posting lots of memories, photos and videos on all my social media. And yes! I’ve finally decided to become a TikTokker! So in addition to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you’ll also be able to interact with me on TikTok.

But that’s only the start 🙂

I want you to share your own memories and thoughts, too. And I’ve set up a very special way for you to do that.

Click the “Your Story” link right here on this website. Then record a short video for me and all the other readers. Tell us what Wolf Brother has meant to you. How you feel about the series ending. What you’d like to say to all the people who haven’t yet read Wolf Brother. And maybe – even what you’d like me to write next!

So let’s start the celebrations by sharing our thoughts and memories with each other.

And… I’ve got several more treats in store. Follow me on whatever social media you use for updates as they happen.

Let’s make this time one to remember!