Multiple questions

Sam writes…

Hiya hope your having a good day/week/month

1. Are you and sir Ian maklen friends?
2. Is the wolf torak still around?
3. What COAD villain would you rather fight?
4. Was Hord mentally ok in wolf brother?
5. Are there any characters you would have wanted to written more of?
6. Dose Torak have a favourite food?

Thank you and have a good day

Michelle Replies…

Hello, Sam.  It sounds as if you’ve rather enjoyed the Wolf Brother books.  To answer your questions (briefly): I got on very well with Ian McKellen when he made all his magnificent recordings of my stories, and we had fun visiting the wolves at the UKWCT many years ago.  Torak the Wolf died peacefully a few years ago, aged well over fifteen – which is a very good age for a wolf. I’d rather not fight any of the COAD villains, as I’m not good at fighting!  Hord was definitely disturbed.  When I finished Ghost Hunter, I wished I’d had a chance to write more about Dark – and I got my wish when I had the idea for the final three books.  And as for Torak’s favourite food – I think I’ll leave that to you to imagine!  May the guardian run with you.  With best wishes, Michelle