“Often dark and hallucinatory in its imagery, the book combines a crispness of style and a powerful understanding of loneliness, love, fear and friendship with a vivid landscape, while the author’s grasp of practical survival skills, born of her research in some of the world’s wildest places, make the novel both credible and gripping”

The Sunday Times


“His [Torak’s] adventures in The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series have been thrilling from the first page, and he has become a great hero for the new generation.”

The Times


“Impossible to put down… packed with action, mystery and strong friendship.”

The Sunday Herald


“A triumph”

The Independent


“Her writing is immediately accessible and absorbing… there’s nothing ‘primitive’ about her hunter-gatherers… she shows a dignified and resourceful culture rooted in a strong connection with its environment”

The Guardian



“Impossible to put down” – The Sunday Herald

The dreadful secret that Torak carries with him at the close of Soul Eater is revealed and he is cast out from the clans.

It’s his fourteenth summer.  He’s alone, cut off even from Wolf and Renn.  Hunted and on the run he takes refuge in unknown territory – the haunted reed beds of Lake Axehead, where he is menaced by the Hidden People.  Other threats lurk nearby and his battle with the Soul-Eaters is far from over…

As he fights for his life, Torak uncovers a deception too awful to contemplate, one that shakes him to the core and shatters his world.

Michelle's Notes

“Another yoga story. One evening, again during the relaxation session, I saw Wolf padding about the hall. I saw him so clearly, quietly swinging his tail as he went about sniffing peoples’ toes. It was such a surprise that I nearly burst out laughing. Which would have taken some explaining to my yoga teacher.”