Ruby writes…

Hello my name is Ruby and I am so excited to be contacting you. My question is do Renn and Torak ever have a child? You might not have thought that far but I would just like to know anyway.

Hello my names Liana and i am in year 6.Over the past year i have been reading your books and always wanted to meet you.I love the wild and in wolfs like wolf dogs. My question is why have you stopped the series it was so good?

Hello my name is Rezahusein karim i am your biggest fan i really enjoyed wolf brother and wind singer and spirit walker and all the rest. Over the past year i have been reading your books and always wanted to meet you. my queation is will toraks gift be past on to his son (if he has one)

this is from your biggest fan RezaHusein karim

Michelle Replies…

Hello, Ruby and Liana, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the WOLF BROTHER books.  To answer your questions:

  • Will Torak and Renn have  a child?  I’m going to leave that one for readers to answer for themselves, as they wish!
  • Why have I stopped with WOLF BANE, the ninth book?  Because I feel strongly that it’s now up to Torak, Renn and Wolf to get on with their lives, and I wouldn’t want to start repeating myself, and letting the quality of the stories go down.  I think I’ve given them a good send-off, and I hope that readers will have fun imagining what happens next.
  • Will Torak’s gift be passed on to his son if he has one?  Again, I leave that to readers!
  • Hope that answers your questions – at least, to some extent.  And thanks for getting in touch.  Best wishes, Michelle