Anna writes…

Hello, I have been a fan of these books for such a long time. but I cant remember if we see the part where Torak gets the soul eater mark or if I'm being silly and there wasn't one. If there was one please tell me what chapter it is.
I was also wondering you ever thought of writing a book with the healers when they were younger and all friends and we see the how they slowly become evil (or broken)we could see how they were raised, hurt. The trio with Toraks father, Fin-Kedinn and Tenris + love bond between Toraks mother and father and Fin-Kedinn. All of it would just be so heart-breaking/warming. Also the parallels between them and Torak would be so cool!
I love all of your work too!

Michelle Replies…

Dear Anna, thanks so much for your message, and it’s great that you like my stories.  First, to clear things up about Torak’s Soul-Eater tattoo: we don’t see it when it actually happens, which is at the end of Book 3 (SOUL EATER), but we do see it as a mini-flashback in Chapter 2 of Book 4 (OUTCAST), when Torak recalls the experience of being held down and tattooed.  So it’s understandable that you couldn’t remember either way; indeed, when I got your message, I had to scurry back to the books and check!  As for your second question, you’re not the first reader to suggest a prequel dealing with the Healers/Soul-Eaters, and/or the backstory of Torak’s parents, Fin-Kedinn and Tenris.  But while you perceptively (and persuasively) highlight how this might all work, I’m afraid that I’ve never been tempted to write such prequels,  I think mainly because we know how it all ends, and what happens to all the characters.  I hope that’s not too disappointing; and thanks again for getting in touch. With very best wishes, Michelle