Thank you

David writes…

It is not a question, simply a thank you letter.
When I moved at 12yo I frequently went to the local library.
As a kid who was frightened by wolves your book cover intrigued me and I’ve decided to give it a go.
The first few pages were pure horror for 12yo me and I loved it, finished the first 3 books without pause throughout a week but to my misfortune I found out that only the first 3 books were translated to Hebrew (I live in Israel), and so I started to search and see if I can find the original series in stores near me – to no success.
After a few years of reading the first three over and over again I managed to save enough to buy your complete series from Amazon to be delivered to me. My English wasn’t perfect at all (still isn’t) and it really took time for me to finish the first three books in English but with a dictionary to my side I managed to do so.
Finally finishing your Chronicles of Darkness series at 16 years old was incredible. I still read them every few months and enjoy it greatly each time. I’m 24 now, just finishing the second title and wanting to thank you.
Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of wolves.
Thank you for helping me learn English and read better.
Thank you for an incredible story to which I hold dear.
Thank you, for everything.


Michelle Replies…

Dear David,

Thank you for such a marvellous, heartfelt message!  And my apologies for taking a few days to reply; I’ve been dealing with some family stuff to do with my elderly mother which has been taking all my time for weeks.  But enough of that.  I was absolutely fascinated to learn of the effect which finding the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness had on you as a child – and I’m so impressed by your dedication and persistence in getting hold of the remaining three books , then working your way through them with a dictionary.  Your English is pretty perfect now, I would never have guessed that it isn’t your first language; and I’m delighted that my stories have helped play their part in that.

I also love the fact that you still re-read them, even though you’re now an adult.  You’re not alone in that; over the years, many readers have told me the same thing.  It’s wonderful, and it’s not something that I ever imagined when I began writing Wolf Brother.

Finally, I wonder if you’re aware that I recently wrote three more stories featuring Torak, Renn and Wolf?  Just in case you’re not, they’re called VIPER’S DAUGHTER, SKIN TAKER, & WOLF BANE (more details on my website).  I’m afraid these aren’t published in Hebrew either (that’s not in my control, it’s up to the publishers to sell the rights overseas), so you’d need to resort to Amazon again if you were interested.   But I thought I should mention them for completeness.

Thank you again, David, for getting in touch with such a beautiful message, I really do appreciate it.

With very best wishes, Michelle