Thank You

Karolina and Iza writes…

Dear Michelle Paver,

We (together with my sister) would like to thank you for the series of books which you have written ‘Chronicles of Ancient Darkness’. We read this series when we were children and it is like the ‘Harry Potter’ series for us – we grew up with it and it had a big influence on us.
Especially the advice that Torak heard from Fin-Kedinn, when he was overthinking about his problems, to focus only on one mesh at a time, during the process of making a fishing net. This advice we still apply now in our own lives and advise it to others.
We hope that you will read this message.

Thank you.
Karolina and Iza from Poland

Michelle Replies…

Dear Karolina and Iza, Thank you so much for your lovely message, and  I’m absolutely delighted that you’ve enjoyed my Chronicles of Ancient Darkness stories!  I’m particularly pleased that you liked and have been helped by Fin-Kedinn’s advice to Torak.  Fin-Kedinn has always been one of my favourite characters, and I often think about the various things he has told Torak, Renn and Dark, over the course of the series. (That might sound a bit weird, given that I created him; but it’s true.)  Thank you both again so much for getting in touch – and may the guardian run with you!

With very best wishes, Michelle