thank you

Anna writes…

Hi Michelle

I just wanted to thank you for providing such an excellent ‘chronicles of ancient darkness’ series 🙂 your books bring me so much peace- I first read them from when I was about twelve, (my grandmother brought me them from the library each week) then I reread the series during the first couple months of lockdown. Now, at 22, I am rereading them all again, and wolfbane for the first time!

The relationship Torak and Renn have to nature, and the in depth detail of their hunter gatherer lifestyle, has always stuck with me.

Now this summer I will be taking a course in Norway that will teach me live in the lithic era 🙂 ie foraging, making stone tools, tanning skins, and processing wild fish. Thank you for your book that taught me so much about how our ancestors lived and also gave me an ideology of how we can live more integrated within nature.
I feel so lucky to have read this series!

Michelle Replies…

Dear Anna, thank you so much for your wonderful message.  I love the image of the twelve-year old you reading the series as your grandmother brought the books to you from the library.  I do hope you enjoy Wolfbane, and that you find it a fitting end to the series.  Have a marvellous time in Norway; that course sounds amazing!  With very best wishes, Michelle