Thank-You from the bottom of my heart

Liam writes…

Dear Michelle,

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for books you have written. They gave me an anchor into something deeper, truer and more mystical than I could ever have stumbled across otherwise. I found true companionship with the characters and guidance from the elders in those books that was unavailable to me elsewhere. Having grown up in a very repressive situation, your books gave me a sanctuary away from the harshness of the modern world. Despite being raised in a military family with little exposure to other cultures or customs, these books gave me a way out, a nostalgia for something I had never experienced but was more familiar and meaningful to me than anything I had encountered. Your words left a primal imprint on my psyche that has been whispering to me in times of strife throughout my teens and well into my adulthood. After many years of being lost, directionless and under enormous pressure from my family and peers to conform, I have finally received the call loud and clear. Today, as so many narratives built on shaky ground begin to fall around us, I feel so grounded and firm in my place on this Earth thanks to your writing which gave voice to the deepest and most repressed parts of myself.

I am far from where I grew up, but closer to the feeling of home than I have ever been. I am 28 years old, with a restored relationship with my family, living on a narrowboat, studying Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol with a special interest in Archaeoacoustics, Folk Religion and Ritual studies. Thank-you for helping me find my way home.

My greatest appreciation,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Liam,

When I read your message it brought tears to my eyes.  Over the years, certain books have given me companionship when I’ve needed it, and I’m truly glad that my stories have been able to do this for you.

You write about what you have gone through with such clarity, perception  and self-knowledge that  I’ve no doubt you have chosen a path that is right for you. I can only add that I’m delighted that this includes studying Archaeology and Anthropology – not least as it’s what I would have studied had I not fallen in love with Biochemistry.  As for living on a narrowboat, I envy you that.  The opportunities for being close to nature must be truly special (depending on where you’re moored, of course.!) .

Again, thank you for letting me know how my stories have helped you.  I shan’t forget what you have said.

With very best wishes for a long, happy life rich in experience.