The Art of Wolf Brother
A Conversation With Artist Geoff Taylor

Michelle and artst Geoff Taylor have collaborated for 18 years - but not spoken until now!

For eighteen years, the “Chronicles of Ancient Darkness” series of books – starting with the publication of “Wolf Brother” in 2004 – has been an international publishing phenomenon.

Written by Michelle Paver and spanning nine books, the series has had the same creative team behind it from the very beginning. Each book has been masterfully narrated for audiobook by Sir Ian McKellen. Each cover has been designed by John Fordham. Each manuscript has been edited and published by Fiona Kennedy. And each book has been illustrated by Geoff Taylor.

Yet Michelle and Geoff – artist of over 300 chapter illustrations – have never met or spoken! For eighteen years, they communicated entirely by post.

Tonight, that changes as Michelle and Geoff meet to talk about the series. This video is witness to a unique conversation.