The Sign of Protection

Branson writes…

It's been a while since i have opened the stories of torak, renn and wolf as well as the myriad of characters, villains, demons, spirits and subjects not cased in your expansive world. However, one thing I've been curious about is this universally recognized sign of protection that is mentioned in passing several times. Something to the tune of a hand and three lines? Is there a graphical representation of this anywhere? It's also painted on stone in certain instances as a ward as well? I hope I'm remembering right and making sense. Your stories have stayed with me all these years. I first read them in elementary and i am now well out of high school and college haha. Thank you for the gift of your stories.

Branson, TX

Michelle Replies…

Dear Branson,

You’re quite right about the hand with three lines of power, and you’ll find a picture of it in Wolf Brother Chapter 19 (p135).  That picture is an adaptation of real hand signs found on rocks in northern Europe, and which date back many thousands of years, either to the Bronze or the Stone Age. Often they had four lines emanating from the middle finger, but I changed it three.  It’s thought that these signs were to ward off evil, but of course we can’t know for sure.  I hope that helps – and I’m really glad that the stories have stayed with you!

With very best wishes, Michelle