wolf brother

Anna writes…

Hi, I love wolf brother with all my heart and can not stop rereading – wolf brother, spirit walker and outcast! I NEED to know if you are thinking of turning my fav book series into films?

From anna
P.S. I love this book series more that my friends

Michelle Replies…

Dear Anna,

I’m so glad that you like the Wolf Brother books – and I’m delighted that you re-read them.  (I’ve always loved re-reading books, as I’m constantly finding new things in them on each re-reading.)

As to whether they’ll be turned into films, I’m afraid that at the moment, there are no plans for this.   Over the years, I have done several film deals for the books, and most recently, a deal for turning all the books into a tv series.  Each time things have looked promising; and until recently, they looked very promising indeed for the tv series.  But I’m afraid that each time, things have eventually petered out – and I’m sorry to say that it’s the same with the tv series.

I think this is mainly because the books would be extremely expensive to make, given that Wolf would need to be computer-generated (real wolves do NOT make good actors!), and the whole thing takes place outside, which also makes it very costly.  With the tv series, another reason we were given is that there’s a perception among people who make tv series, that people want stories with adult main characters, rather than children. And of course Torak and Renn are twelve when Wolf Brother starts.  So there we go.  It’s a pity, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t be made at some stage in the future.  Just not for now.

I hope that hasn’t dashed your hopes too much – and that you continue to enjoy the adventures of Torak, Renn and Wolf!

Best wishes, Michelle