Wolf brother box

Tracy writes…

My Daughter is a huge fan and loves all the wolf brother books. I want to make her a wolf brother box/bag with things in for Christmas. I've thought of a wolf plush/slingshot/ wolf necklace/army knife.
I wondered if you knew what else I could include. or I wondered if you had any merchandise.
My daughter is dyslexic and your books have really inspired her, her favourite subject in school is now creative writing which is amazing.
Thanks so much
Tracy Roberts

Michelle Replies…

Dear Tracy, It’s great to know that your daughter is a fan of the books, and I’m particularly pleased that she is now enjoying writing her own stories.  What a lovely idea, to make her a wolf brother bag/box for Christmas!

Hmm, I’ve had a think, and I wonder if, in addition to the practical hunting-type stuff you’ve come up with, you might consider adding something along the lines of an amulet?  In the stories, many of the characters carry small objects as good luck charmsand/or to ward off evil.  This could be anything from a small carved animal such as a seal or wolf, to be worn on a thong around the neck; or a tuft of feathers or fur; a claw (eg of bear, eagle, or whatever one can come up with!); a sea-shell, an interesting bone.  You get the idea.

Also, still on the theme of amulets, you could give her a little pouch (leather/other), small enough to wear around her neck or at her belt, or carry in her schoolbag – which could be her amulet pouch.  In this she could put small items that mean something to her – eg a few hairs from her pet’s fur (if she has one), a speck of dust from a favourite place, a leaf from her favourite tree, etc.

I hope that helps a bit – and I’ve no doubt she’ll love whatever you give her!

With very best wishes, Michelle

P.S. I’m afraid we don’t have any merchandise.