An invaluable gift

Nisma writes…

(I also sent this message via instagram message – sorry for the duplicate)

My partner is a HUGE fan of your books and says they are his favourite collection. He remembers reading them growing up and it was where his passion for reading came from!

His 30th birthday is approaching and I would love to gift him a signed copy of his favourite books.

Would it be possible to send a book with a return envelope and have you sign the copy?
It would be an invaluable gift

Thank you so much for your time and writing such amazing novels

Michelle Replies…

Hello, Nisma.  It’s a lovely thought of yours and it does you great credit, but I’m afraid that I can’t sign a book for him.  You see, I get lots of requests for signed books from all over the world, and if I gave in to you I’d have to sign the others’ too, which would mean lots of trips to the post office and not enough time to write!  I’m so sorry to disappoint you.  I hope that even without my signature, your partner will continue to enjoy the stories – and I wish him every happiness for his thirtieth birthday.  With best wishes, Michelle