Dutch translation

Esmee writes…

Hello Michelle,
I’ve first read the wolf brother series when I was about 11 years old at school and now years later at 18 I bought the books myself. I just figured out you wrote 3 more books after ghost hunter and now I am wondering if they will translated to dutch like the first 6 books. I would very much read them even if they will never be translated, but I would like to complete my collection in dutch.
Thank you in advance

Michelle Replies…

Dear Esmee, it’s great that you enjoyed the books when you were younger, and would now like to catch up with the final three – which I wrote a few years after Ghost Hunter, having said that I’d never write another!  I’m afraid that to my knowledge there are no plans to translate the final three into Dutch (that’s up the the publishers, not me) – so if you’d like to read them, you’ll need to read the English editions.  I hope that’s not too much of a problem – and that you do enjoy being back in Torak’s world, as and when you get the chance.  With very best wishes, Michelle