Big Fan

Hena writes…

Hi Michelle,

This isn't a question, I just wanted to let you know that I love the Wolf Brother series. It was one of the first book series that I really got into in elementary school. It had such a big effect on me that I started using the British style of quotations in my homework, which my Canadian teacher was confused about. I was beyond excited when I learned that there would be 3 more Wolf Brother books published. Thank you for what you do!

Best Regards,
Hena Masjedee

Michelle Replies…

Dear Hena, what a lovely message to receive, thank you so much!  I’m delighted that Wolf Brother was one of the first series you were able to get into at school, and I was amused to hear that you confused your teacher when you adopted a different style of quotation marks.  I really hope that  you enjoy the final three books in the series, as and when you can get your paws on them – if you haven’t already.  Thanks again for getting in touch.  Very best wishes, Michelle