Biggest fan

Andrew writes…

Hello, my name is Andrew foster & I absolutely love your books. I read wolf brother in 4th grade and was hooked ever since. I’m 29 now and still reading them but now I get to read them to my own 2 sons. The way you make it easy for the reader to picture what they’re reading is incredible. I just wanted to thank you and express to you how much your books impacted my life. They brought me into a different world that I could get lost into for a few hours and Put the real world to the side. I think everyone could use that from time to time. Thank you for your amazing writing and I hope you know your books changed my life and I could never thank you enough
-Andrew Foster

Michelle Replies…

Dear Andrew, What a marvellous message for a writer to receive! I’m  really pleased that you have found it easy to be able to picture what’s happening in my stories – not least because that’s not an easy thing to achieve when one is writing, and it has always taken me dozens of drafts.  I also find it particularly moving that you are now (or perhaps will be soon) reading the stories to your own sons.   Somehow that puts me in mind of Fin-Kedinn telling the clan stories around the long-fire.

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to get in touch.  With very best wishes, Michelle