Writing to Michelle paver for a school project

Haylee writes…

Dear Miss Pavar,

My name is Haylee Barnhardt, I live in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I am 11 years old, I have a dog and two parakeets. I LOVE wolves, I want a pet wolf when I’m older, my favorite book of yours is wolf brother. That’s the book I’m on I haven’t red all your books yet. My favorite book genres are animal, Adventure,and mystery. And you have all those combined and I’m also writing a book with all ‘em combined, but don’t worry I’m not copying you.

Do plan on writing any other books? What’s your favorite book you’ve wrote? Do you get a lot of fan mail? Do you have any pets? Do you have a pet wolf, I thought when I looked you up you were holding a wolf pup? By the way I’m writing to you for a school project. A couple more questions, Do Renn and Torak end getting together? Do Renn and wolf stay with Torak throughout all the books? We’re did you get the idea to write a book and we’re did you get the the information and idea to write the book?

I really like how you made the enemy a bear. I hope Renn and Torak are mates in the other books. You should make a movie it would be AWESOME.

Well by for now. You don’t have to write back but I would Appreciate it if you did. I hope I wasn’t bothering you have a great day.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Haylee, thanks for your message, and I’m so glad that you are enjoying Wolf Brother. It’s also great that you like wolves so much.   I’m sure you’ll understand that I can’t answer all your questions, because if I did, lots of other readers would want me to help them with their homework!  However you’ll find the answers to lots of your questions either here, where I’ve answered them for other readers, or on my website www.wolfbrother.com.  In particular, if you go into the Cave there, you’ll find something all about how I came to write Wolf Brother.  As for what happens in the stories, I shall leave that for you to find out…

The best of luck with writing your own book, I hope you have fun with it.  And thanks for getting in touch, Best wishes, Michelle