Chronicles of the Dark Times

Dmitrii writes…

Hi Michelle,

I really liked your book, I read for hours on end. This is the best book I've ever read! I am very grateful to you for this work of art. I am waiting for the continuation of Torak and Renn's love line) And so, let's move on to the question. Are you planning to write the 10th book in the "Chronicles of Dark Times" series? I recently read the 9th book of this series and am really looking forward to continuing. With very best wishes, Dmitrii.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Dimitrii,

I’m really pleased that you’ve been enjoying the stories of Torak, Renn and Wolf so much!  However I’m afraid that I have no plans to write a tenth book, and the ninth book, which in the English edition is called Wolf Bane, will definitely be the last.  I’ve explained why in answers to previous readers, particularly to Josiah (in case you want to search it on my website) – but briefly, it’s because I conceived the final three books (books 7, 8 and 9) as a whole, since they deal with the after-effects of the first six books.  And I feel that with book 9, I’ve given Torak, Renn and Wolf a good send-off, and set them up for the rest of their lives.  Also, I am very pleased with the way Book 9 has turned out, and I want to leave the series on a high note.  So I’m sorry to disappoint you; but I hope that perhaps a little re-reading of some (or all) of the nine books may help with that.

Thank you for getting in touch.  With very best wishes, Michelle