film adaptation of the book series Chronicles of Dark Times

Vera writes…

Hello, Michelle Paver, I am Vera and I really love your series of books Chronicles of Dark Times. I really want to participate in the film adaptation of this series of books in the role of Renn. Is it possible?

Michelle Replies…

Dear Vera,

Thanks very much for your message – and I’m delighted that you like my books!  I’m really sorry, but as you’ll see from my answer to Tereza today, the proposed tv series is no longer going ahead.  I should add that you are not alone in wanting to play Renn: over the years, many readers have got in touch with me with similar requests, and/or hopes.  It’s interesting that Renn’s is the role which seems most popular.

Again, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  I hope, though, that you can still continue to the enjoy the books.  And thanks for getting in touch.

With very best wishes, Michelle