Class reader

Jess writes…

Hi Michelle,
I am a teacher of Primary 7 and I have used Wolf Brother with previous classes who have absolutely loved learning about mesolithic man and all the rich learning that goes along with the story. I am keen to use it again, but this time encourage the children to analyse the text a bit more, looking at literary features you use to enhance their own writing. Do you allow classroom use of this text on whiteboards/ photocopying extracts? I have a large class and although we have a few copies, we cannot afford to buy for the whole class.

Many Thanks.

Michelle Replies…

Hello, Jess, thanks for your question.  Under the Copyright Act, you’re allowed to copy extracts for non-commercial use, as long as they’re not too long (as in, for example, entire chapters) – so I think what you’re doing is fine. I’m so glad that the children are enjoying Wolf Brother, and that it’s helping their understanding of the Mesolithic!  With best wishes, Michelle