COAD series Translated.

Dimitrios writes…

Hello there Michelle.

I don't know if i'm the latest fan of your books but I bet I'm one of the oldest. I've read wolf brother last year and since then the series became instant favourite.
The problem is that in Greece only the first 5 books were translated. Is there any hope we get more?
I know is easy to get them in English but reading them in my first language is far more natural to me.

Michelle Replies…

Hello, Dimitrios, it’s absolutely great to know that you’ve been enjoying the Wolf Brother books!  I’m so very sorry that only the first five were translated, and it seems particularly unfortunate that the publishers decided not to translate the sixth book.  However I’m afraid that authors don’t have a say in whether their overseas publishers translate all their books, and the same is true for me.  To my knowledge, there are no current plans to translate books six to nine into Greek. That’s a great pity, and I can completely understand that you would much prefer reading them in Greek.  But I’m afraid your only option is to read them in English – should you wish to, of course.  I’m sorry I can’t give you better news. But thank you so much for getting in touch, and I hope that you can continue to enjoy the books, in some form or another.  With very best wishes, Michelle