Audiobook for Spirit Walker & Soul Eater not available in the US?

Timberlee writes…

Dear Michelle,
I’ve loved the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series (as well as the audiobooks) since I was a little girl. I collected both the physical books and all the audios narrated by Sir Ian McKellen. Sadly, due to domestic violence I’ve lost all my copies. I’ve recently finished the first book again and would love to continue to listen to them all but the 2nd and 3rd installments are not available where I live in the US. Apple Books, Amazon, everywhere it is unavailable; Is there anyway to buy these two audiobooks? Thank you so much!

Michelle Replies…

Dear Timberlee,

It’s great to know that you’ve enjoyed the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness so much, and for such a long time.  I’m really sorry that you’ve lost all your copies, and under such difficult circumstances; you have all my sympathy.  As regards replacing the audiobooks, I’m afraid I’m not the person to help you, as availability is up to the publishers and their audiobook associates.  I can only suggest that you contact my US publishers, HarperCollins Children’s Books; they may be able to help. Failing that, an online seller of secondhand audiobook CDs might help; although you may already have tried that.  I’m so sorry that I can’t be of more help – and I do hope that your domestic situation is calmer and more peaceful now.  Thanks for getting in touch,

With very best wishes, Michelle