Comment on Skin Taker and Thank You!

Elias writes…

Hello! I’m a little late to reading Skin Taker, mainly because I didn’t want the COAD series to end after I’d finished it and Wolf Bane. This book series means a lot to me, I started reading it after a Swedish book store handed out samples of Chapter 1 of Wolf Brother and I was completely hooked and just had to know how it ended. You may enjoy hearing that if it wasn’t for you, I may never have started writing my own novel (the first draft is finished, still working on polishing it). I’m writing you to tell you that I listened to the audiobook of Skin Taker and in the first chapter, when the falling star is seen, the description is so vivid and strong that I actually got goosebumps! That’s never happened to me before, truly a testament to your writing (and of course Sir Ian McKellan’s excellent narration). Also, I’m the one with the cave painting tattoos, I’ve now got a reindeer, an elk, a bear, a wolf (I like to think it’s Wolf actually), and a lynx running down my arm, all based off of real cave paintings. I had the tattoos done by hand, which felt appropriate given the subject matter. Anyway, your writing is phenomenal and you make it very easy to picture what happens in my mind’s eye as I read (or listen). I hope you have a nice day and that you are well. Thank you for everything!

Michelle Replies…

Dear Elias,

It’s great to hear from you again (I remember answering your comments/questions in some of my live streams), and I’m so pleased that you found the beginning of SKIN TAKER vivid.  I usually hate writing Chapter One, as it can be extremely difficult to know how to begin a story; but with SKIN TAKER, I knew how I would write that first chapter right from when I had the idea of the meteorite strike. So it was actually fun.  I’m also delighted that you enjoyed Ian’s recording of the audiobook.  I think in these final books he has outdone himself.  Your cave-painting tattoos sound amazing.  And huge congratulations on finishing the first book of your own novel.  Personally, I loathe first drafts, and I much prefer re-writing.  I hope you enjoy it – and the best of luck with your writing in general!

Thanks for getting in touch.  Best wishes, Michelle