Wolfbane for the US

Eileen writes…

Hello Michelle,

Thanks so much for the gift of Chronicles of Ancient Darkness! I was distressed to learn that my local library cannot order Wolfbane, as it has not been published in the US. Do you have plans to do so?

Michelle Replies…

Dear Eileen,

Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to get hold of  WOLF BANE.  Your library is quite right, it hasn’t been published in the US.  Nor has VIPER’S DAUGHTER, or  SKIN TAKER.  I’m afraid this is not under my control.  It’s up to the publishers –  in this case, Harpercollins – to decide what they publish; and they took the decision not to publish the last three books (I don’t know why).  If you and/or any other readers in the US want to, you could always write to them at their New York offices and ask them about this.  Otherwise, I can only suggest trying to get a copy of the UK edition by some online means, such as, perhaps, the book depository (although you may know of others, I am very far from being an expert on things online!).

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.  Good luck and best wishes, Michelle