Future books

Graham writes…

Is there any chance of novels on the Upper Palaeolithic , Mesolithic and Neolithic ages in Europe and the Mediterranean ? I am 78 , an ex- archaeologist (if such a thing can exist) and ageing child , and have just finished the final Wolf Brother novel , and am rapidly developing worrying withdrawal symptoms . You write so vividly and make prehistory come alive . I recommend you to all my archaeological cronies , and explain that your stories open up the mind and imagination …. something that the archaeological world needs more of .
Thank you for all the pleasure and delight that your books have given me …. you must have a touch of Wm. Blake's Divine Imagination .
Graham Adamson .

Michelle Replies…

Dear Graham,

Please accept my apologies for such a late reply. I’ve just spent the past five days in deepest Sussex, without access to emails, and I only saw your delightful message on returning home this afternoon.  And what a lovely message to find!  I am so pleased  that you’ve enjoyed my Wolf Brother books.  Pleased?  That doesn’t go far enough.  I’m also very proud – not to mention relieved – that they meet with your approval, given your expertise as an archaeologist (and no, I wouldn’t have thought that archaeologists can ever truly retire, not really).

As for the chance of further novels set during the Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic or Neolithic – I can only say that I have no plans for any.  I know I said the same thing a few years ago when I finished Ghost Hunter, and then I changed my mind and wrote three more books; but this time it feels different.  I really do think that I’ve given Torak, Renn and Wolf a good send-off; and I can’t imagine writing a novel set in any period of the Stone Age, without including them.  So I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with nine Mesolithic novels from me.

Thank you again for your wonderful message – and for that reference to Blake, which I shall cherish.

With very best wishes, Michelle