I am a Japanese reader of the Japanese translation of Viper’s daughter.

Yuzu writes…

Dear Michelle.
I am Japanese. I love your novels!
I use a translation app because my English is not good enough.

I first read your novels 12 years ago.
For me, the world in which Torak, Ren and Wolf live is very far away, and yet very familiar. The world you write about them is clear, beautiful and palpable.
I grew up thinking of them as friends all my life.

So when the story ended and Torak, Ren and Wolf began their new journey, I was very sad that I could no longer follow their journey.

When I heard you had written 'Viper's daughter' I was delighted.
The Japanese translation has finally been released and just the other day I had the pleasure of meeting them again.

In truth, I was a little anxious. Would they stay who they are? What would I think of them as an adult? Would I be able to enjoy the journey with them as I did when I was a child?

All these fears were unfounded.

I enjoyed travelling with them.
Torak has become a little more honest and better at expressing his love for Renn. Renn was a bit timid because she loves Torak. But she was still smart and brave. She was still the wonderful girl I had always wanted to be.

I hope you know how happy that makes me!

I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to travel with them again.
Take care of yourself.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Yuzu Shirosaki, Konichiwa!  And what a lovely message to receive when I switched on my computer this morning.  You put it so beautifully when you say that you felt as if Torak, Renn and Wolf were your friends; they felt like that to me too, when I was writing the stories.  And like you, I felt a bit anxious when I sat down to write Viper’s Daughter. I’m really delighted that you enjoyed being back in the Forest with them – and I hope that in due course, you will be able to return with them for the final two books in the series, if they are also translated into Japanese.  Thank you so much for getting in touch.  With very best wishes, Michelle