Thank you

Hazel writes…

You and your Ancient Chronicles of Darkness series is the reason I fell in love with reading and writing. They are also the reason my English improved so quickly. I was ten when I found your books, a few years after my family and I moved to the States from S. Korea, and I distinctively remember reading Wolf Brother and my mom being surprised how quickly I finished the book. Then my parents bought me the next installment and then the next, and I’d be sad because I finished it too fast and would have to wait for the next book. The original Wolf Brother, along with Spirit Walker, is still on my bookshelf with its wrinkled spine and dog-eared pages. Thankfully after Spirit Walker, I realized that hard covers are sturdier and better for long-term keeping, even if they're heavier.

I work an office job now, studying to transition into UX writing (which is much closer to the writing field than the job I have now). But I will always have stories in my head that I hope to one day muster enough courage to prioritize and publish.

Anyway, thank you Michelle, for deciding to write your books and taking the brave step to do what you wanted to do.

P.S. Wolves are still, to this very second, my favorite animals.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Hazel, thank you so much for your wonderful message, and I’m truly glad that my stories have meant so much to you. (As an aside, I know what you mean about dog-eared pages; my copy of Soul Eater has bite marks in the top right-hand corner, where Torak the wolf chewed it when he was a cub, about the same age as Wolf in Wolf Brother. Naturally, that volume is very precious to me!) I’d also like to wish you the best of luck with your own writing. It’s hard work, but worth it.  Thanks again for getting in touch. With very best wishes, Michelle