Cara writes…

Hi Michelle,
I've been hearing all kinds of wonderful things about your work, but I have yet to read any of your books myself because they aren't available on Kindle. I'm disabled and cannot hold a physical book open for very long, so I have to do all my reading digitally. Is there any chance that your books will be available on Kindle anytime soon?

Thanks for your time,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Cara,

Many thanks for getting in touch.  I’m glad that you’ve heard good things about my books, and I can quite understand that you prefer reading digitally.  But I’m a bit puzzled that you haven’t been able to get hold of them, as they are available on Kindle, and also as audiobooks on Audible (should you feel like listening instead).  I’ve just done a quick check on to make sure that I’m not misleading you, and the books were all there, present and correct, in Kindle and Audible. (Of course it may be that you’re not in the UK, in which case I’m afraid I can be of less help, and I can only refer you to the list of my oversees publishers on my website; the best thing would be to contact the relevant publisher.)  However I do hope that you are soon able to access whichever of my books you like – and once again, thank you for getting in touch.

With best wishes, Michelle