Love of the series

Siri writes…

Dear Michelle
I’m a 26 year old reader and have been following the world of wolf brother since it was first released when my mother picked it up back in 2004 and I have been absolutely hooked ever since.

I remember being deeply upset when I found out that Ghost Hunter would be the last in the series and as such felt sheer joy at hearing that the series would be continued for another three book. A great shame for it to ultimately end but fantastically done and a good place for it to end.

I have absolutely loved every single aspect of the series from the beginning till now, in particular the writings from the perspectives of Wolf.

Stemming from the childhood love, I have read, and reread the series many many times and have always come back to it as a comfort series to read if I feel like just sitting down to read. My love of the series even inspired me to try and make my own slate knife when I was young. My later years have led me to desire tattoos for the series drawn from the cover art.

I am also so spectacularly in love with Ian’s readings of the books and will listen to them frequently as I go about my day and often find myself attempting to imitate his style and voices, an excellent choice!

I look forward to one day showing the stories to my own children and hopefully pass long the love of this incredible series.

Thank you ever so much for writing and creating such an incredible world that I love so deeply.

Best wishes

Michelle Replies…

Dear Siri,  What can I say to such a lovely, heartfelt message?  You painted such a picture of your experience of reading the books as a child, and I love the fact that you tried to make your own slate knife!  I’m also really pleased that you like the way the series finally ends, with Wolfbane – and I’m delighted that you feel so strongly about Ian’s magnificent readings of the books.  I do too; and being in the recording studio for every one of his recordings made me feel so privileged, it was almost like a reward for writing the stories.  Thank you again for getting in touch.  With very best wishes, Michelle