More ghost stories?

Rosalyn writes…

Hi Michelle,
I just wanted to write to say how much I love your books Thin Air and Dark Matter. My family and I love ghost stories and your books are by far the best we’ve ever read (although we can’t agree which one out of thin air and dark matter we think is the scariest!). Have you ever considered or been approached to turn your stories into films or tv shows? And are you planning on writing another chilling tale any time soon? Where do you take your inspiration from?
Thank you so much for the stories!
Best wishes,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Rosalyn, Thank you for your lovely message!  I’m delighted that you and your family have enjoyed Thin Air and Dark Matter.  Concerning films, Dark Matter has been the subject of a film deal a couple of times, but as with many film deals, it has never got beyond the script stage (if that changes, I’ll post the news on my website).  As for writing further supernatural tales, I wrote Wakenhyrst a while ago; that’s more of a Gothic story than a pure ghost story (although it does feature a haunting); and my next ghost story after that will be set in a rainforest – although that’s all I can say about  it right now.  Where do I get my inspiration from?  The short answer is that  it comes from somewhere deep in the unconscious.  I don’t really know more than that, and I’m just glad when I get another idea.  Thanks again for getting in touch, and I hope you have a happy and peaceful New Year.  Best wishes, Michelle