Wolf Brothers Series Availability in French

Regina writes…

Dear Michelle,
My son loves your books and reads them in English, and he would also love to read them in French language as well (he went to French Immersion school in Canada).
We are trying to find Wolf Brothers series in French all over the web with no luck, no e-book or physical books available any more.
Do you know where and when we could purchase this series in French?

Michelle Replies…

Dear Regina, It’s great that your son loves my Wolf Brother books, but I’m afraid that I’m in no better position than you about finding copies of the French translations.  I’d suggest abe.co, or another similar website for finding secondhand books, if you haven’t already looked at them.  And I’m sorry to say that the final three books (Viper’s Daughter, Skin Taker, and Wolf Bane) haven’t been translated into French.  Sorry I can’t be of help – and good luck in your search!  With best wishes, Michelle