More like dark matter and thin air?

Linda writes…

Hi Michelle, The book's thin air and dark matter I count among my favorite books of all time.

Will write more of these adult level books that set humans within the challenges of nature?

Do you consider these adult books or young adult books?

You've tackled solitude at altitude, in cold, and in lightness and darkness.

I could definitely see you doing a book on solitude in the mysterious desert environment, for example.

I love these books because they offer the reader a new but real experience of a frontier we will probably not experience in our lives.

Thank you Michelle for your work.
Linda Salem, not yet published fiction author

Michelle Replies…

Dear Linda, I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed Dark Matter and Thin Air.  To answer your question,  I regard them as adult stories, although I’m aware that some older children have read and enjoyed them.  You mentioned a desert setting for another story, and funnily enough, I originally thought of setting Dark Matter in a desert; but  it wasn’t long before I realised that it had to be a polar story! In fact, my next supernatural story will take place in a tropical rainforest. I think that should provide a good contrast with Dark Matter, Thin Air and Wakenhyrst.  Thanks again for getting in touch.  With best wishes, Michelle