What happens next?

Stanley writes…

Dear Michelle Paver,
I'm Stanley and I've just recently finished reading Wolfbane. I'm so distraught the Wolf Brother series has come to an end. Thank you so much for publishing this series and they are the best books I've read for a very long, long time. Two quick questions. What happens tO Renn and Torak after Wolfbane and will you write any prequel books that follow on the Ancien Chronicles of Darkness series. Thanks ever so much,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Stanley, I’m sorry that you were distraught on finishing Wolfbane – although that does credit to your powers of really getting into a story.  That’s a skill which won’t leave you, and you’re to be congratulated.  Now to your questions: no, I’ve no plans to write any prequel books.  I’ve never liked them myself, as I find them slightly depressing, because one knows what’s going to happen later.  Also, I prefer to give readers only hints at what went before – for instance, about Fin-Kedinn’s earlier life, and Fa’s – and if I filled all that in with a prequel, I think it would destroy the mystery.  As to what happens to Renn and Torak, and Wolf and Dark and all the other characters after Wolfbane – I’m afraid I’m going to leave that entirely up to the readers.  It’s for you to imagine whatever you like.  I hope that answer isn’t too annoying.  And again, I’m glad that you enjoyed the stories!  With very best wishes, Michelle